Ponder over!

There are lessons from all the things around us, it requires only a little mind dedication. Allah Subhana O Taa’lla has bestowed us with all the reminders and with all the signs. I was just thinking of fruits. So artistically Allah made them, enriched them with essential vitamins and minerals. Made them not only for […]

Be prepared…

Sometimes just the thought of happening of something brings lump in throat. And the battle between mind and that happening in real continues that Allah forbids why M thinking like this, it will not happen and if it happens then what M gonna do? and so and so…. But what really Quran says “Verily the […]

I admire…

Admire At times I wonder of the fact how lives can be passed without admiration. I mean it’s required in all aspects.While maintaining relations or in compliance to one’s values, it is mandatory. \and this world is progressing towards action reaction strategy with justice. If today you’re not going to respect someone, you’ll be getting […]

The forgotten or neglected path?

The world is getting more advanced day by day. We are growing yeah…. Our forefathers would never have ever thought that just with rolling fingers on some screen, we would be able to write. Technological advancements made life much easier then ever before. Now we have machines for almost everything. Just set a timer and […]

Mouth Ulcers particularly canker sores

Mouth sores…… Really one can’t eat or can enjoy any taste. They are so much painful oh my God. If by chance mistakenly tounge touches it , oops thats hilarious so much hurting. Well I am sharing with you my personal experienced remedy. Few days back, I was suffering with severe sort of sore, inner […]

Friend like you

Everyone among us have friends. There are so many of them. But some are really special. Really reallly special. I am writing this for you. Yesssss you got it. I love you buddy 💜. I don’t think so in my remaining life……, I will ever met again someone like you. With whom I use to […]