Valentines day

Oh my God! Its valentines day coming soon. A week before excitement…

Thinking thinking what to gift my love. It should be a perfume, chocolate box with bouquet or a watch , a purse…. What should be, that surprise him at best. Crazy feelings which move to sleepless nights, prethinking of the reactions how he would be surprised. What he will do after having it. Will it convey my real feelings. Really….

Then further about its decor and embellishments to be chosen. Red covered with embossed roses……, oh no man I want it different. Everyone would be in red attire and red gift pack, I should opt for red and purple, or red and beige, that will go to a deadly combination, it will look exuberant. ISN’T IT!!!

All these feelings and imaginations kept on coming and hauting your minds and insist us on spending hours and days even sometimes weeks for its preparation. A question came to my mind, although I celebrated it just for once in my 27 years lifetime, and that too ended in regret. And said good bye to it forever. Now you would be thinking WHY?

I am going to tell it now. I thought do my love deserves a day in damn 365 days of the year to be notified that yeah man I love you. No ….. No way. He is some one, who deserves everday reminded of my love , my feelings for him. My feelings  never demands a specific day in an entire year to be louded. Your better half should be knowing about them as soon as they are originated. Why to wait for this damn day??? Why you should hold on? If you are having true and sincere feelings, just come out with them. And believe me that will grow your relationship.  Come out with your feelings , dont wait for any specific day. You never know till when you have chance. Life is so unpredictable dude. You can’t fix it.

I dont understand where the world is going. Valentines day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Sister’s  day, Friendhip’s day…….. and so on. I fear someday a God’s day will be discovered , that you have to thank Him for the blessings and worship Him.  Come out folks. These are so precious relationships, they should be loved on continues basis. Thank God for gifting you these jewls everyday, everytime and show it to them.

Yeah Surprises are great.. but limiting them for a specific day or event sounds crazzzzyyyy. Surprise them every month, every week. Thats what I concluded. And it pleases me as it makes the bond more strong.




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