Something earned last night


Last night I was invited on dinner. The family invited us were the friends of my husband but long long ago they were togather. Maybe in initial months of their marriage. I had a lil chat with the lady ,as we met on some grand get togather but I was not familiar with her so much. Hence this was the sort of gathering to know each other and have some gossips etc. So I got ready, hurried my kids to be ready as certainly they do something on a moment to be late lolz. As I always keep each and every thing they have to wear in arrangement, but they being girls like to choose by themselves and then even in excitement misplaces the things. Sometimes lost the matching pajamas, a socks pair or a pony and bla bla. Or my lil one start crying for feed, or poop out unexpectedly. All things use to go on and off.

Well finally succeded in getting out of the house…. We bought a cake for them, and delivered lectures to my girls on the way, dont misbehave there, play with in your limits and keep calm. And yes , we reached at the house. The lady welcomed us. And we had some chit chat and then started with our dinner. Well the thing made me to right this, is the blessings we have but we take them lightly. “I EARNED IT”. They were not havings the kids. Its not something unusual so many people dont have the kids. But this was the first house , I went in and felt the emptiness. I mean I met so many couples without kids but never felt it, as it was just meeting on some public place. Not in their homes particularly.

At times I get frustrated because of the mess or the shoutings and fights of my kids, but the life is with them. Everything in her home was at the place. There was no mess, clean walls and beds neatly made, dry washrooms. And she was sitting without any intimation in her mind to look into one room or another, that whats going on in there. She went to kitchen right for 10 consecutive minutes without peeping out again and again. All was perfect in that sense. But there was depression I felt. The loneliness,  I felt in deep. I am not writing it to hurt anybody without having children. I deeply feel it for you guys. Just writing for those who have but get obnoxious at times. Feel like how much kids make them to suffer. Dudes there is no fun without them. Seriously…… I I really mean it.

I wish those who are not having , should not be feeling it. As its really a worse feeling. I pray for all of them. May God bestow them with this blesssing. I havn’t showed my feelings to her. We had nice conservation, we laughed on silly things. She served us with delicious dinner, five different dishes, nicely decorate salad and really tempting dessert. All went really really well. But I was like , WTF I was upto at times. I mean I should be always thankful always…, no matter what. Children will make mess, they will irritate, sometimes make you out of your nerves man, but thanks thanks God for blessing me with this tiredness even. Nothing is without them.

I have hugs, kisses, laughters echoing in my home I am blessed and really thankful to my Allah for this. I get to hear You are best mommy even at times you are bad mommy when scold them or shout lolz….:):).  At times my new makeup get destroyed or a beautiful decoration piece got broken. Scattered toys around the room but all above these is to hear word maa, shouts, calling me mama , and all these. Everynight watching them sleeping in their beds give really satisfied feeling. And loving them while they are asleep gives strange kind of pleasure. Undefinable…..

Care for your kids if you have them, no money, no jewel, no peaceful living can compensate them. They are not  comparable  to any thing, anything in this whole world. Love them, cherish the moments, good and bad as they are growing so fast. Pass time like once will look back, it gives you memories of joys and fun and all the laughters but Nothing else…….


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