Warmness I feel Everynight

Everynight your sincere deep hug, your little fingers holding my hand, looking into my eyes, the tiny creature lying beside me gives me such a warm feeling…… I love these moments when you, my baby is with me skin to skin. I feel like you are in my heart when I feel your little legs, long enough to my belly, touching me. I wake up in night  everytime with a wonderful feelings. Sometimes on your crying, sometimes on your cackling when you are playing with your hands involuntarily and everytime I smile while looking at you.


Yes you are now 4 months old. Really feel good alhumdolillah , you are growing. I am enjoying these nights at my fullest. It will be over so soon Insha Allah when you will be an year old. I will miss these nights then. As with your elder sisters (one is five year old and second one got three year old this month mashaAllah) , at times when I look at them while sleeping, I really sometimes can sense my sametime with them before they were an year old. But it passed so quickly as just was a sweet dream, and now so mixed feelings originate deep in my soul, as I am happy though they are progressing being independent but I miss that time, can’t explain exactly.


As I think in this world after parents, the next creatures who can love honestly without any diplomacy or in hope of some return are one’s children and particularly daughters. Sorry boys, saying it as myself I am a daughter,  may be sons too. Every other relationship not everyone, but mostly (skipping 10% out of 100), does something on some return basis, not going in details, will write some other day on it. But anyhow this time is not just passing quickly, infact it’s running really really fast without making us aware of it. We realize it only, when it’s PASSED.

I love you my daughters, I love you alot…..


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