The Do’s and Don’ts I learned


Life is really really not a cake piece. Sometimes we make mistakes. And at others, something wrong by others happen to us. In my life till this time , few things I learned through my personal experience while dealing with people. As if I suffered due to some person, instead of backbiting and cribbing, I should do something to change myself if it’s present in me. So that Some other day I should not be the cause of someone’s else suffering. And if you really hate something, your debate on that will actually worsen the situation. Keep quiet and calm and follow it. My personal favourite quote…….,


Well saying it because I learned it….!

● Don’t try to change anyone. You can’t alter their nature, their personality. It remains same. Yeah it gets polished but the base would be as it as. So never waste your efforts trying to fix it.

● Don’t interfere. Really I hate interference alot. Be in your own pajamas. As the person will be really disliking you, when you will enter in his or her matter. I mean if somebody wants to tell you or involve you in something, he will do it on his own. You should never be the reminder. Leave personal things PERSONAL seriously. Don’t meddle.

●Don’t taunt buddy. Believe me if you want that thing happen, convey through love instead of igniting the ego thing.


● Do good, if you are liking something in someone, for sure you will be feeling it in your heart. Jealousy is not giving you anything, if you think it can, go for your blood test lolz….., it is burning you from inside. Do good by telling them I really like it in you or I am impressed. Do it as it will destroy the roots of jealously in you. You will feel much better.😎😎😎

● Do praise for instinct generated in your heart. How’s it if you frown at time on someone’s behaviour and later adopting same. That looks weird really weird, a pitiable condition of yours. Copy by letting them know, it will be really appreciated by your role model.

● Do bring love in lives, ignore the negatives and never forget the positives. Experienced it, when someone hurting you and doing wrong with you, start navigating your mind to their positives, evil will change your mind, will drag you to bad feelings, will emotionally upset you to the extreme level but remember with your one positive thought, you can change the situation. Never take part in creating negative image of someone, as you will pay it.. Someday or other but you will. Even you may not understand but it will happen my dear its going to happen soon.

● Do one thing with one person per week, that he or she would never be able to forget you. Hey wait wait I am not saying you to knock them down that way 😠, instead lift them up as they never had it before😇😇. And be the associated memory with it :). If you dont find someone for it, do it to any living thing, it can be an animal or a plant even.

● Do remember, if you will be good at your end, good will always be there for you, might be you are not feeling it but its there, right next to you. And will suddenly appear in front of you. Forgive, forgive , forgive and forget if you can. I am working on this thing in my personality as I forgive but can’t forget. So working on it to forget aswell. Practice Benevolence. As continues water can melt rock, Have Faith, your good gestures are much much more powerful than rocks.

Keep me in your prayers and Remember it…..


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