The second hand of the clock


Today I was just sitting idle. And I gazed at the clock. Don’t know why but I was stuck at it. Have you ever noticed the second hand movement of the clock? I mean not just as its moving,  obviously it moves but in a deeper sense…..!

I was alone at that time, and was listening this tick tick tick……. I started wondering this second just passed on, the moving hand just crossed was last of it, its never going to be back in my life again. I just passed it. Awh seriously I felt a halt within myself. My heart felt it. With every passing second, you know I was feeling a pain.

I can’t stop it. Nobody can stop it. It’s just moving and decreasing a second from our lives one by one, one after another and we are so much busy in our lives, in day to day activities that we are hardly noticing it. And definitely not even pushed about it as what we have to do is more important. I don’t say it we should just stick to this clock, keep gazing and concentrating, leaving behind our survival activities. But spending it in a way that it should not be a grievance for us. Thats the point.


Seriously I got worried about it for a moment. And then consoled myself as it can’t be stopped. Just spend it by justice. Remember your Creator at every moment and thank Him for He had written it in your fate. Every coming second, if you enjoyed with health and happiness, its a blessing…… a great blessing and we must be thankful for His greatness and mercy upon us.

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