Friend like you


Everyone among us have friends. There are so many of them. But some are really special. Really reallly special. I am writing this for you. Yesssss you got it. I love you buddy πŸ’œ. I don’t think so in my remaining life……,
I will ever met again someone like you. With whom I use to just pour my heart out. Nothing bothers me nothing, any shy, any honour, any formality or any hesitation. And always after talking to you, it feels like I have shed off all my worries. All my problems gone. I get so light hearted. Always in my hard times I find you with me.

A good friend is a blessing. I am so thanful to Allah I have got you in my life Fatima. In every situation, you are miles away from me physically, but whenever I talk to you, you understands me like you are just peeping in my heart. We don’t talk even so oftenly, sometimes months pass by, but even then when we do, it feels like we were in contact yesterday even. The only relation where there is no give and take. No return policy I am having with you. You have always guided me in right direction. Helped me to tackle every situation good and bad. Whenever I encounter any tough time worth not of sharing with anyone, after Allah you comes in my mind. Though we are age fellows, but you played your role sometimes by modeling like a senior,Β  other times as a junior, sometimes like clumsy joker and sometimes in more sober way.

I met you in 2006, till now and insha Allah till the end of my life, I will be having you. I consider myself so lucky as have got a companion like you. Still smile on the time we spent in our bachelors.Β  It was great because of you my bunk mate :).


Indeed you are my best friend


I wish everyone should be blessed with like I am having a friend like you, who always brings me close to Allah. You cools my mind, polish my thoughts and what else I should say. Just Alhumdolillah, Alhumdolillah, Alhumdolillah…….

Love you loads and loads… πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’–


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