Mouth Ulcers particularly canker sores

Mouth sores……


Really one can’t eat or can enjoy any taste. They are so much painful oh my God. If by chance mistakenly tounge touches it , oops thats hilarious so much hurting. Well I am sharing with you my personal experienced remedy.

Few days back, I was suffering with severe sort of sore, inner on my right cheek. That was so painful because it was near to my molars and premolars. Those days I was having fresh cocunut in my refrigerator. So by chance, because of its availability, I ate it. I love the taste of cocunut. Though was feeling pain side by side, but I ate three to four slices almost three inches in length and one to two centimeters you can say in width. And the next day I was like Oh my God, I am alright. No lesion or sore. It was perfect. I was just feeling it then it took two days to diminish completely but was painless. I was just thinking how I got okay because whenever I have it, it takes days to heal. Then I realized, may be it’s because of eating coconut.


I then tested it on my family member and yeah it worked. So if ever you face it, just try fresh cocunut. It takes just a day and night. And then you can enjoy eating…..☺


You can try coconut oil aswell because once I googled it, I found it there somewhere . But fresh coconut remedy is based on my very own personal experience.


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