I admire…

At times I wonder of the fact how lives can be passed without admiration. I mean it’s required in all aspects.While maintaining relations or in compliance to one’s values, it is mandatory. \and this world is progressing towards action reaction strategy with justice. If today you’re not going to respect someone, you’ll be getting same in return.

It’s in our blood dude. YEAH, we all expect it, in  different ways. Everyone would agree with me. Isn’t it?

So we should be practical. Admire everything in life. I admire the blessings I receive on daily basis from our Creator, and thank HIM for all of it. The children I have got (they’re not less than a miracle), my parents who spent their entire life in hardships for my ease and comfort, my relatives and family members who are so much honest, affectionate, caring and nice to me, my helping friends who are the building blocks behind all my fun, blasts and hang out, so on and so on…..

So much of those blessings too which I have not mentioned even, I admire them all.

We should admire and value them because we would never know when its going to an end. Cherish the moments and everything. We have to be much thankful always and always. Lets practice it and achieve a satisfying life. And yes do share ⇓



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