The forgotten or neglected path?


The world is getting more advanced day by day. We are growing yeah…. Our forefathers would never have ever thought that just with rolling fingers on some screen, we would be able to write. Technological advancements made life much easier then ever before. Now we have machines for almost everything. Just set a timer and get your chores done, thats set. In seconds what I am writing here, lying in my bed is accessible to anyone in any part of the world. Thats cool. Life was never easy like this. But something despite all of these advancements and upgradings is being missed. What’s that? Our soul. That peace and calm what people of non advanced world had, we are missing it. I mean we are not exerting like them, physically we are much relax. But emotionally we are jumbled up. We are not having that affection and feelings for each other like they had. Did they were so unaware of each other like we are? Never! They never had that instant connection technological mechanisms but even then they were close. They had no grudges, no disappointments. They were true, loyal mates. There circle was not limited to the family. They had so much real friends.


Everyone of us is aware of what’s going on. Just starting from simple things, each morning we get up with mind, bundled up with tasks to be done in that particular day. Even while brushing teeth, non stop conversation among different thoughts is going on. I mean we know it. The days, weeks, months and even years are passing by and this is what on how we are passing our lives. But in this rush and haste we are moving away from our path. I mean when I look back, its like so quickly the time has passed. I still remember so many passed moments like they are just happening. The mundane life and wordly tasks are distracting us from our focus point.

We are not thankful for things we already have. Its in psyche like to crave for something and once its got, yeah ok now its over. So do for the activities, we may hang out with friends, may be doing all things satisfying our desires but in the end of day, seems like still some thing could be done out of the world. Our SOUL SATISFACTION is missing. Its lost somewhere. We by ourselves are not aware of it. How we could satisfy it? Satisfaction is there but there is dissatisfaction in that satisfaction.

Looking for the possible ways…………?

Well I think its because of our own created I would say mind bubbles. We anticipate others actions. We are now, not that much close even to our family members. Sitting in same lounge but are miles apart emotionally. With advent of social sites day by day, we are heading towards loneliness instead of connectivity. Must devote some time to that simplicity which used to be and change will be there. Atleast take 30 minutes for yourself and an hour for your circle. Leave these screens, and be present for each other physically. And most of all, get closer and closer to your Creator. Thats will be for sure benefit you and me.


If you have any idea, share in comments below⬇⬇⬇
I would like to listen from you guys.


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