Discontentment of marrying early absconded

I was 17 when I got engaged. That was not admiring for me as I was opposed of marrying at an early age.  And got married at age of 19. Although I got allured by my spouse but that was not an issue. My dilemma was about age. And what engrossed me more was thoughts about my friends and fellows. Like they were progressing academically and i was just a graduate. I was dying to be a medical person and that was not accomplished by me. Anyways the feeling of discontentment was howling around me.


All of that was a bull shit. I still think and feel guilty why I wasted my time even thinking of it? Like seriously that was all in vain.

How lucky I am Alhumdolillah. Few things in life are like, you wont know their importance at that very time, but with each passing moment, their significance gets more transparent.

This marriage bestowed me with motherhood. I am a mom of three beautiful and charming girls Masha Allah.

They are my life treasures. I am so blessed to have them. I can spend more time of my life with them because of an early marriage, which would be otherwise at least four or five years less if I spent those years in bachelor life.

My children are enjoying their grandparents. And yes my parents are contented that their daughter is well settled in her life, with her family and is striving to be a good parent just like them.

And my Creator has not left me just graduate. I spent four years of my married life while studying along with my kids, this October I will be having my eighth wedding anniversary. With support of my better half, encouragement from my parents and siblings and with countless mercies of my Allah , a mother who continued her studies along with her parenting is now holding MS degree. Whatever is happening in life, is happening for a good reason. Start taking things positively as whats appearing unimportant to us is more than important. Trust yourself and keep leaping.



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