Be prepared…

Sometimes just the thought of happening of something brings lump in throat. And the battle between mind and that happening in real continues that Allah forbids why M thinking like this, it will not happen and if it happens then what M gonna do? and so and so….

But what really Quran says “Verily the man is in loss”.

Yes if he doesn’t understand the meaning of life and thats the crux.

The problem is about preparedness. We dont get prepared for things like that. I have to prepare. You also have to prepare.

We all have to prepare.

 Life is so uncertain. Now a days, my feelings are at the end of day like what if it was my last day? Am I satisfied how I spent it? But answer is No all the time. Struggling really hard within my soul to reach that satisfaction I’m striving for. It seems like in worldly aspect I have achieved alot alhumdolillah but my soul is deprived, it hvn’t got yet what it deserves. It had to be satisfied long ago but I was not having that understanding, my mindset was different, it was lost somewhere. Many plans have crowded my mind, they are flashing and making me mentally exhausted but unable to get started on any one of them….

And Allah do not burden a soul, the more than it can bear.

But yes they are reminding me atleast that so much has to be done and not to waste this precious life.

My aims are high, want to achieve them one day and InshaAllah I will. Just require a break to have peace within me and calmly get started. And what pleases and satisfies me the most is the beauty of our religion, that once one get on something wholly, the reward for that deed get started and it will be counted even if life leaves the soul in process.

What made me like this? Its that my grandfather passed away a week ago, may Allah Subhana o taa’lla grant him Jannah tul firdous ameen. The most humble person, I have ever seen in my 28 year life span. Who in real never hurt an ant, never used harsh words for anyone, and always taught me about kindness and friendship. I always found him a peace maker. More than anything how to care truely, and how to love in a way that the compromise to be made by the one who is loving so that the loved one should be happy not the one who is loving. I got essence of every good thing from him. I love you agha gee and I have faith that Allah loves you.

How much he loved me that even his departure jolted me to do good to myself and think of this unthought aspect of my soul.

Oh Allah! Thanks for instilling these thoughts in me and help me in achieving that status where You will be happy with me and I am always happy from you.


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