Ponder over!

There are lessons from all the things around us, it requires only a little mind dedication. Allah Subhana O Taa’lla has bestowed us with all the reminders and with all the signs.

I was just thinking of fruits. So artistically Allah made them, enriched them with essential vitamins and minerals. Made them not only for edible purpose but also to have various benfits for revitalising and refreshing human skin by their application on and lots of more uses which I may not know.

How nicely the outer covering protects and guards the fruit. How organized are they from inside and outside, the way they are attached to their respective trees in various symmetries. 

The way it grows from a seed to a flower and finally to a fruit. The unbeatable and unmatchable philosophy used in the whole cycle. The efforts utilized in the process both by nature and by mankind. And the whole chain of delivery process which enable us to have that fruit right on our table in our homes.
Like where they are planted and nurtured and how by the will of Allah they reach us.

Isn’t it a sign that a hard seed lies inside a soft pulp. A bitter and hard tiny thing that can ruin the taste of richly sweet, scented and soft pulp. Which we throw away and try not to eat, to enjoy the fruit. So many reminders are just in a fruit. 

It tells that there is good and bad both in any particular environment. And how that disliked, trashed seed is used again to create a new tree of that fruit.
 Yes, bad is not always bad. Its only the matter of understanding something’s potential. That seed is bad in taste but it has the potential to provide with whole lot of sweet and delish fruits. 

It further tells that different things and people are meant for different purposes. It’s not only the matter that physical or apparant beauty explains all, though its attractive but may be it serves just one purpose. And similarly sometimes superficial disliking of something may be undermining its hidden capabilities.

Delicate and sweet things need a covering. Sorry guys you are also superb in your capabilities. But I’m thinking of ladies right now. They are delicate and need to be covered and protected accrording to Allah Subhana o Taa’lla commands. If the pulp gets exposed, it will not be able to maintain its freshness and beauty in that way.

I think our lives are just like the fruits. All developmental phases which the fruit goes through, so do we. We should attain maximum at right time. The way the fruit is fresh and delicious soon it gets ripe. The more we delay eating, after it ripen or mishandle it’s storage, it will start to rot. So utilize the young age before it heads to rotting  phase. 

And that if you maintain your status in correct way, the neighbouring things may not have an impact. Like seed cant get the sweetness of pulp nor pulp gets bitter like the seed. So one can manage through all sorts of times without effecting oneself, if the will is just like that.

May Allah Subhan o Taa’lla enhance our thinking skills and enable us with that concentration and dedication to discover HIM more and more and understand our purpose and HIS blessings upon us.

Ameen ya rabul alameen.


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