Mouth Ulcers particularly canker sores

Mouth sores…… Really one can’t eat or can enjoy any taste. They are so much painful oh my God. If by chance mistakenly tounge touches it , oops thats hilarious so much hurting. Well I am sharing with you my personal experienced remedy. Few days back, I was suffering with severe sort of sore, inner […]

Friend like you

Everyone among us have friends. There are so many of them. But some are really special. Really reallly special. I am writing this for you. Yesssss you got it. I love you buddy 💜. I don’t think so in my remaining life……, I will ever met again someone like you. With whom I use to […]

The second hand of the clock

Today I was just sitting idle. And I gazed at the clock. Don’t know why but I was stuck at it. Have you ever noticed the second hand movement of the clock? I mean not just as its moving,  obviously it moves but in a deeper sense…..! I was alone at that time, and was […]

The Do’s and Don’ts I learned

Life is really really not a cake piece. Sometimes we make mistakes. And at others, something wrong by others happen to us. In my life till this time , few things I learned through my personal experience while dealing with people. As if I suffered due to some person, instead of backbiting and cribbing, I should […]

Warmness I feel Everynight

Everynight your sincere deep hug, your little fingers holding my hand, looking into my eyes, the tiny creature lying beside me gives me such a warm feeling…… I love these moments when you, my baby is with me skin to skin. I feel like you are in my heart when I feel your little legs, […]

Visit to Khewra salt mine

Hey, all set off to visit the salt mine. I was so excited as was going for the first time and that too along with my parents and siblings and definitely my family :). The estimated time we were considering it would take to be two hours drive from Saraye alamgir. But it took three […]

Something earned last night

Last night I was invited on dinner. The family invited us were the friends of my husband but long long ago they were togather. Maybe in initial months of their marriage. I had a lil chat with the lady ,as we met on some grand get togather but I was not familiar with her so […]